Transforming Summit Portable Buildings into Space-Saving Garden Paradises

For gardening lovers, Summit Portable Buildings’ wide range of styles opens the door to creating space-saving greenhouses. With different choices such as the Lofted Barn or Side Lofted Barn, Lofted Barn Cabin or Side Lofted Barn Cabin, or the Premium Lofted Barn Cabin, each style has features for making your own botanical garden.

1. Lofted Barn/Side Lofted Barn

Vertical Shelving

Maximize the lofted space with vertical shelving units for potted plants and gardening essentials. Utilize the loft ladder for easy access, and your Lofted Barn or Side Lofted Barn is transformed into a multi-level botanical treasure trove.


Hanging Garden   

Install hanging planters from the loft beams to utilize the lofted structure. This clever use of space adds a touch of greenery above and frees up the floor for larger plants or a cozy seating area for relaxation.


Portable Potting Station

Designate one loft as a portable potting station. Equip it with storage for soil, gardening tools, and pots to turn your Summit Portable Building into a practical workspace for nurturing your green companions.


2. Lofted Barn Cabin/Side Lofted Barn Cabin

Sunlit Oasis with Skylights

The Lofted Barn Cabin’s lofted design is perfect for incorporating skylights. Allow natural sunlight to flood the loft, creating an ideal environment for sun-loving plants. This energy-efficient addition ensures your greenhouse thrives without the need for electricity during the daytime.


Botanical Reading Nook

Transform one side of the loft into a cozy reading nook surrounded by flourishing greenery. The large windows provide ample light, creating a serene corner where you can immerse yourself in nature while enjoying a good book.


Portable Garden Retreat

For the Side Lofted Barn Cabin, consider utilizing the loft as a portable garden retreat. With windows on either side, it becomes a tranquil space where you can escape the hustle and bustle, surrounded by the beauty of your carefully tended plants.


3. Premium Lofted Barn Cabin

Greenhouse Gathering Hub

The Premium Lofted Barn Cabin’s expansive porch becomes a delightful extension of your greenhouse. Add hanging baskets, create a vertical herb garden on the porch railing, and turn it into a welcoming space for gatherings amid the lush greenery.


Elevated Plant Showcase

Elevate your gardening showcase by placing plants on both lofts. With strategically positioned windows, the lofts become stages for displaying your favorite flora, creating a stunning visual display that can be admired from both inside and outside the cabin.


Greenhouse Lounge Experience

Elevate your greenhouse experience by turning the large porch into a lounge area. Arrange comfortable seating surrounded by plants, creating a serene retreat where you can unwind amidst the calming ambiance of your private garden.

Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Summit Portable Lofted Buildings

1. Lofted Shelving System

Utilize the loft space by installing a dedicated lofted shelving system. These can be customized to accommodate various storage needs, from gardening supplies to seasonal items. With labeled bins and baskets, this organized shelving system optimizes vertical space, keeping the floor area clear.

Tiered Plant Display   

Utilize the lofted shelving system to create a stunning tiered plant display. Arrange the shelves at varying heights, allowing each level to showcase a diverse array of potted plants. This design not only adds a touch of greenery to your lofted space but also maximizes sunlight exposure for each plant, fostering a flourishing and visually appealing botanical haven.

Enhancements: Incorporate small LED strip lights under each shelf to illuminate the plants and create a captivating nighttime display.

Tool and Equipment Organization   

Optimize the lofted shelving system for practical tool and equipment organization. Install sturdy shelves at a convenient height to store gardening tools, seed packets, and other essentials. Consider incorporating hooks or pegs along the edges of the shelves for hanging smaller tools or items like gloves. This design ensures that your loft remains clutter-free while keeping necessary items within easy reach.

Enhancements: Label each shelf or section for quick identification of specific tools, creating a systematic and organized storage solution.

Seasonal Storage Rotation

Design the lofted shelving system to facilitate seasonal storage rotation. Create designated sections for items specific to each season, such as holiday decorations, summer gardening tools, or winter gear. Use removable bins or baskets on the shelves for easy access and flexibility. This design allows you to adapt your lofted space seamlessly to changing seasonal needs, keeping it organized and ready for each time of the year.

Enhancements: Incorporate a labeling system or color-coded bins for quick identification of seasonal categories, simplifying the rotation process.

2. Vertical Garden Wall

For green thumbs, transform one side of the loft into a vertical garden wall. Use hanging planters, wall-mounted shelves, or even a trellis system to create a lush display of plants. This not only adds a touch of nature to your space but also frees up floor space for other storage needs.

3. Under-Ladder Storage Drawers

Maximize the utility of the loft ladder by incorporating storage drawers beneath its steps. These pull-out drawers can be used for storing smaller gardening tools, seeds, or other essentials. This ingenious solution turns the often-overlooked space under the ladder into a functional storage zone.

4. Portable Potting Bench

Designate a corner of the loft as a portable potting bench. Install a fold-down table or use a compact workbench to create a space for repotting plants or organizing gardening supplies. When not in use, the bench can be folded down to save space, ensuring your loft remains versatile and clutter-free.

5. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Opt for multi-purpose furniture that combines storage with functionality. For instance, choose seating options with built-in storage compartments or a worktable that doubles as a potting station. These dual-purpose pieces help maximize your lofted space while serving various needs within your gardening or storage setup.


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