Shielding Your Assets During Winter with Summit Portable Buildings

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How Summit Portable Buildings Can Help Safeguard Your Belongings

Missouri, with its chilly winters, is accustomed to facing specific weather challenges during the colder months. Hail storms, ice storms, and snowfall can wreak havoc on your valuable belongings. Protecting your property, including vehicles, farm animals, and plants, from the harsh winter elements is essential. Summit Portable Buildings emerges as a reliable solution to combat these winter adversities and keep your possessions safe.

Missouri's Winter Weather Challenges

Missouri’s winter weather conditions can pose a serious threat to your property and require proactive measures to mitigate potential damage.


Missouri experiences a diverse range of winter weather conditions, contributing to a dynamic and sometimes challenging seasonal climate. The state’s winter typically spans from December to February, with the following key characteristics:


1. Temperature Variability: Missouri witnesses significant temperature fluctuations during winter. While daytime temperatures can hover around freezing or slightly above, nighttime temperatures often drop below freezing, leading to frost and icy conditions.


2. Snowfall: Snowfall is a common occurrence, especially in the northern and central regions of the state. The amount of snowfall varies, with some winters bringing heavy accumulations. Snow can create picturesque landscapes but also poses challenges for transportation and outdoor activities.


3. Hail Storms: Missouri is known for experiencing occasional hail storms during winter. These storms can bring hailstones of varying sizes, leading to potential damage to vehicles, buildings, and other outdoor structures.


4. Ice Storms: Ice storms, characterized by freezing rain, are a significant winter hazard. The accumulation of ice on surfaces, including roads, power lines, and trees, can result in hazardous conditions, power outages, and disruptions to daily life.


5. Winter Storms and Precipitation: Winter storms, often a combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, can sweep across the state. These storms contribute to slippery road conditions and require careful navigation.


6. Fog: Fog is not uncommon during winter in Missouri, reducing visibility on roads and potentially impacting transportation.


It’s important for residents and businesses in Missouri to be prepared for these varied winter conditions. This includes taking precautions on the roads, ensuring adequate insulation and heating for homes and buildings, and implementing protective measures for outdoor assets. Understanding and adapting to the dynamic winter weather contributes to a safer and more resilient community during the colder months in the “Show-Me State.”

The Toll on Your Belongings

Understanding the potential risks your possessions face during the colder months emphasizes the importance of taking proactive measures to protect them.


Hail Damage: Hail storms can wreak havoc on the exterior of your vehicles. The impact of hailstones can result in dents, scratches, and even shattered windshields, leading to costly repairs.


Icy Hazards: Ice storms pose a threat not only to your vehicle’s exterior but also to its functionality. Accumulated ice can impede doors, windows, and mechanical components, making it essential to shield your vehicles during such weather events.


Snow Challenges: Heavy snowfall can make navigating and accessing your vehicles challenging. Clearing snow from cars and driveways becomes a labor-intensive task, exposing your vehicles to potential damage in the process.

Farm Animals

Cold Stress: Livestock are susceptible to cold stress, leading to health issues. Adequate shelter is crucial to protect them from the chilling effects of winter weather to ensure their well-being and productivity.


Slippery Conditions: Ice storms can create slippery surfaces, posing a hazard to the mobility of farm animals. Providing secure housing helps prevent injuries caused by slipping on icy surfaces.

Plants and Crops

Snow Accumulation: While snowfall can contribute to the water supply for plants, excessive accumulation can lead to problems such as branch breakage. Protective measures are necessary to minimize the impact of heavy snow on crops.


Frost Damage: Cold temperatures during winter nights can cause frost damage to sensitive plants. Having a controlled environment for gardening becomes essential to shield plants from freezing temperatures.

Summit Portable Buildings: Your Winter Weather Ally

Summit Portable Buildings offer a viable solution to mitigate these risks by providing a secure and customizable space to shelter your vehicles, farm animals, and plants. When you invest in durable and versatile structures, you not only safeguard your possessions but also ensure their longevity and functionality in the face of Missouri’s winter challenges. Here’s how Summit Portable Buildings can protect your belongings:


Robust Construction: Summit Portable Buildings are constructed with premium materials, designed to withstand the challenges of hailstorms and ice. These structures provide a secure shelter for your vehicles and equipment during winter weather events.



Tailored to Your Needs: Summit Portable Buildings offers a diverse range of customizable structures, including garages, barns, and storage spaces, tailored to meet your specific needs. You have the option to  choose the size, design, and features of your accessory building.



Protection from Winter Elements: These buildings offer a secure haven to shield your belongings from hail, ice, and snowfall. The sturdy construction ensures that your possessions remain intact even during the harshest winter conditions.


Don’t leave your valuable belongings vulnerable to the unpredictable winter weather in Missouri. Reach out to Summit Portable Buildings today to explore the range of options available for securing your property. 


Durable and customizable structures provide the assurance that your vehicles, farm animals, and plants stay protected throughout the winter months. Invest in the safety of your belongings and enjoy peace of mind knowing that Summit Portable Buildings has you covered.

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