Unlocking the Potential: Summit Portable Buildings’ Upgraded Accessory Structures

Discover the Versatility of Summit’s Additional Style Offerings

In response to the evolving and diverse needs of their valued customers, Summit Portable Buildings has taken a giant leap forward by expanding accessory structure offerings. As a company deeply committed to providing innovative solutions for various lifestyles and requirements, Summit’s team has recognized the necessity of broadening their product range to cater to a wider range of demands. 

Building upon the previous article that introduced the basic accessory structure catalog  of Summit, a new array of portable buildings designed to fulfill the unique needs and desires of Summit’s customers is now revealed. These upgraded structures not only enhance functionality but also add a touch of style to your outdoor spaces. Let us explore the state-of-the-art collection and unlock their potential for your lifestyle.

Side Utility - Convenient and Classy

Description: The Side Utility is not only a practical choice but also an elegant one. Its double 36” doors and two 2’x3’ windows effortlessly blend accessibility with a pleasing design. The 7’ 9’’ walls offer a spacious interior where you can comfortably work on various projects. This model can be customized with additional doors and windows, giving you the freedom to create your own lakefront or hunting cabin. Plus, it offers a range of color options to match your personal style.

Lakeside Abode: Transform the Side Utility into a charming lakeside retreat. Install a small porch with a couple of Adirondack chairs where you can enjoy the water view. Inside, create a cozy space with a rustic couch, a coffee table, and a small dining area. Add a few nautical-themed decorations to enhance the lakeside ambiance.

Garden Workshop: Convert the Side Utility into a garden workshop. Use the ample natural light from the windows to create an inspiring workspace for gardening and potting plants. Install shelves, workbenches, and storage for gardening tools, along with hanging racks for pots and garden accessories.A

Side Lofted Barn - The Versatile Favorite

Description: The Side Lofted Barn is a versatile masterpiece. Equipped with double 36’’ doors, two 2’x3’ windows, and two lofts with a loft ladder, it’s designed to impress. Being Summit’s best seller, it presents  convenient access to your belongings or workspace, while the addition of windows floods the interior with natural light. It’s a perfect canvas for various activities.


Art Studio: The Side Lofted Barn can become a multi-functional art studio and hideaway. Dedicate one loft as an art studio, complete with an easel, art supplies, and a drafting table. The other loft can serve as a serene reading nook with bookshelves, a comfortable armchair, and a small library.

Outdoor Crafts Haven: Turn the Side Lofted Barn into an outdoor crafts haven. Set up workstations for various crafts, such as woodworking, sewing, and DIY projects. Install storage solutions for crafting supplies, and decorate the space with vibrant colors and inspirational

Mini Barn - Quaint and Affordable

Description: The Mini Barn is an economical storage building that showcases country elegance. With double 36” entry doors and 3’ 8” walls, it has a classic barn feel that fits in perfectly with rural properties or farms. It’s not just a storage space; it can serve as a tool shed, a small workshop, or a peaceful garden.


Farmhouse Garden Shed: Give the Mini Barn a charming farmhouse feel by using it as a garden shed. Store gardening tools, potting soil, and planters. Add a worktable for repotting plants and a pegboard to hang tools. Decorate with picturesque signs and vintage garden tools for a cozy, rural atmosphere.


Kids’ Playhouse: Transform the Mini Barn into an enchanting playhouse for children. Paint the exterior with cheerful colors, add flower boxes beneath the windows, and create a child-sized door. Inside, furnish the Mini Barn with a small table for tea parties, a play kitchen, and shelves for toys and books.

Side Lofted Barn Cabin - Compact and Charming

Description: The Side Lofted Barn Cabin is compact and charming, featuring 3 – 2’x3’ windows, a 36’’ 9 Lite door, a 4’ porch, two lofts, and a loft ladder. It’s perfect for those who seek a balance between storage and comfortable living. The porch is a great viewing space to enjoy the outdoors, while the lofts provide extra storage or sleeping spaces.


Cozy Guest Cabin: The Side Lofted Barn Cabin can become a cozy guest cabin. Finish the interior with electricity, comfortable furniture, and a sleeping area in one of the lofts. Decorate with warm colors, fuzzy blankets, and artwork. The porch is perfect for sipping morning coffee while enjoying the view.

Creative Studio: Turn the Side Lofted Barn Cabin into a creative studio. Use one loft as a painting or photography studio with plenty of natural light, while the other can be a mellow reading nook or writing space. Install bookshelves, art supplies, and comfortable seating for inspiration.

Premium Lofted Barn Cabin - Deluxe Getaway

Description: The Premium Lofted Barn Cabin is the pinnacle of luxury, boasting a 36” 9 Lite door, 5 – 2’x3’ windows, 1- 18”x27” window in the loft, two lofts, and a loft ladder. It comes with a large wrap-around porch with wood railing, making it perfect for hosting gatherings or creating a home-like getaway.


Luxury Guesthouse: Transform the Premium Lofted Barn Cabin into a luxury guesthouse. Finish the interior with modern amenities, comfortable beds, and a fully-equipped bathroom. The large wrap-around porch provides a perfect spot for outdoor dining, and the interior extends  a welcoming and comfortable sanctuary for guests.


Writer’s Paradise: Create a writer’s paradise in the Premium Lofted Barn Cabin. Set up the loft as a tranquil workspace with a desk, bookshelves, and a comfy reading nook. Decorate with soothing colors, inspiring quotes, and nature-themed decor. The wrap-around porch is perfect for moments of inspiration and relaxation.


These design ideas showcase the versatility and adaptability of Summit Portable Buildings’ upgraded accessory structures to suit a variety of needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil spot for solitude, a functional workspace, or a comfy guest cabin, these structures offer endless possibilities for customization.

For all your accessory structure needs, the experienced professionals at Summit Portable Buildings can assist you to bring your vision to life with their versatile and stylish portable buildings. Contact the team today to get started on your dream project and turn these structures into your ideal spaces for work, play, or relaxation.

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