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When it comes to enhancing your property’s functionality and aesthetics, Summit Portable Buildings offers a diverse range of basic accessory structure models designed to cater to various needs. Whether you need a simple storage solution, a versatile workspace, or a cozy cabin, Summit’s structures have you covered. This article will take a closer look at each model, along with some design and function ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Utility Shed

Description: The Utility Shed is a model of practicality and straightforward design.  Crafted with superior workmanship,  it effectively meets your storage needs while adding a functional touch to your property . It’s a perfect home for outdoor power equipment, and it can even transform into a portable tack room or a small hay shed. If you’re a DIY enthusiast or a woodworker, adding windows and a 36″ 9 Lite Door can create a functional workshop. With a wide range of sizes and styles, finding the perfect fit for your property is a breeze.


Design and Function Ideas: Consider using this shed to organize gardening tools, store seasonal items, or even create a cozy garden retreat with a potting bench and some comfortable seating. Install a workbench and storage solutions for your DIY projects.

2. Garages

Description: Summit’s Garages are built with durability in mind, capable of supporting the weight of an average-sized vehicle or small tractor. These structures offer an ideal solution if you’re concerned about hail damage but lack the time for a full home addition. Beyond vehicle storage, they provide a shelter for mowers, power tools, and other projects. The strategically spaced floor joists and the large door make this garage a woodworker’s dream.

Design and Function Ideas: Customize your garage with shelving, cabinets, and a workbench to create a functional workshop space. You can also use it for vehicle storage and incorporate a small area for hobbies or DIY projects.

3. Lofted Barn

Description: The Lofted Barn combines practicality with an economic design that resembles a charming country barn. It seamlessly fits into farm, country, or city properties. Featuring two lofts, it helps keep your items organized and off the floor, maximizing usable space. If you’re budget-conscious and seeking an elegant shed, this model is an excellent starting point.

Design and Function Ideas: Transform the lofts into additional storage space or cozy reading nooks. The ground floor can house gardening equipment, tools, or serve as an art studio. Customize it to match your property’s aesthetic.

4. Mini Barn

Description: The Mini Barn displays a delightful, traditional look with its barn-style doors and roof. It’s a perfect addition to rural properties or farms. This economical storage building is versatile and can serve as a backyard storage unit, a small tool shed, or even a children’s playhouse. Its affordability and versatility make it an ideal choice for various property types.

Design and Function Ideas: Customize the interior with shelves, hooks, or pegboards to keep your tools organized. For a playhouse, add colorful paint and child-friendly furnishings. In a garden setting, use it as a potting shed.

5. Cabin

Description: Summit’s Cabin model is a versatile building suitable for a lake lot, hunting cabin, or a children’s playhouse. Abundant windows allow natural light to flood the space, reducing the need for electricity during the day. The porch provides a comfortable spot to unwind and enjoy the sunset. What sets this model apart is its portability, making it a flexible choice for temporary structures. With various sizing and siding options, you can tailor it to your hunting property or backyard.

Design and Function Ideas: Create a cozy weekend retreat by furnishing the cabin with rustic decor. For a hunting cabin, design it with camouflage or woodsy patterns. Add a small kitchenette for convenience.

6. Economy Shed

Description: The Economy Shed is Summit’s most cost-effective storage solution, offering the lowest cost per square foot of floor space. It’s a no-frills structure designed primarily for storage purposes and is available exclusively with metal siding.

Design and Function Ideas: Use it as an economical garden shed for tools, seasonal items, or lawn equipment. Consider adding shelves and hooks for optimal storage organization.

Summit Portable Buildings offers a wide selection of accessory structure models to cater to diverse needs and property styles. These basic structures combine functionality with aesthetics, allowing you to enhance your property while fulfilling practical requirements. So, whether you’re seeking storage, a workshop, or a retreat, Summit’s accessory structure models offer a world of possibilities for customization and utility. Explore the options and embark on your next property improvement project today.

Ready to take the next step in enhancing your property? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Summit Portable Buildings for inquiries, expert guidance, and to find the perfect structure to suit your needs. Your property’s transformation begins here!

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